Creating The Extraordinary

For Those Who Expect The Best

Robert Bellamy

My thirst for knowledge took me to Europe, the home of many of the world’s finest jewellery houses. I explored the intricacies of European precision, and while immersed in the world of high jewellery, my vision of Pavéction was born. I have dedicated years to perfecting my skills, individual style and technique, to achieve the perfection that hallmarks Pavéction as a prestige atelier.

- Robert Bellamy, Director & Master Craftsman
Brisbane Atelier

Schedule an appointment to visit us at our comfortable design studio, and tour our state-of-the-art workshop. We are located at Qantm House, Level 4, 138 Albert Street, Brisbane QLD 4000.

A Personal Touch

Pavection was founded on the concept of crafting extraordinary pieces for those who expect the best. We understand that extraordinary has a different meaning to everyone, and that is reflected in our designs, by creating something different and unique that is meaningful to the individual. We work one on one with our clients during the design process to ensure every last detail of their piece meets their own extraordinary needs and desires.

Inspired By Your Stories

At Pavection, we are as passionate about our clients’ jewellery needs and desire, as we are about the quality of our products, and the standard of service that we deliver. Each design that we create is made with meticulous attention to detail, and our approach to our clients is the same. Each design consultation is based on the premise of being client-centred, to ensure our clients not only feel welcome and heard, but ultimately delighted with their handcrafted piece.

A Passionate Team

Robert Bellamy: Director & Master Craftsman

Jaclynn Hodge: Business Development Manager 

Claire Mathews: Creative Coordinator

Karen Scrimshaw: Specialist Designer