Bespoke Statement Jewellery

Make Your Statement

Enchanting pieces to express who you are or how you feel

Custom-made creations for life’s beautiful moments

Embark on a Pavéction bespoke journey to turn your unique story into a tangible treasure. Whatever the occasion, we help you celebrate in a way that’s monumentally thoughtful and simply magical. 

First-class service as standard

Sourcing the world’s rarest stones and transforming them into spectacular pieces through our extraordinary in-house artistry.

Say it with statement jewellery

Unleash your creativity by designing a piece only you could dream.

1. It starts with you

Whether you’re designing a piece for yourself or a loved one, we begin the process by listening attentively to your vision. Taking into consideration the occasion at hand, along with the future wearer’s taste, style and story, we guide you through our endless and exciting capabilities.

2. Harnessing technology

Next, we invite you to our onsite workshop to see the initial sketches. If designing from afar, this follow-up consultation can also take place virtually over Zoom. So you can get a feel for the size and how the final piece will look, you’ll be given the option of having a bespoke wax model made.

3. Going one step further

To elevate your experience further, we can also make a 3D model of how your chosen gemstones or diamonds looked when they came out the ground. This is an incredible way to connect with your piece by getting a sense of its journey from its first unearthing to final polishing. We’re also proud to provide extra grading documentation, that goes beyond the industry standard GIA report.

4. Presenting your piece

Nothing calls for a celebration like seeing your final custom creation for the first time. To end your journey, you’ll be invited back to the Atelier to meet the craftsman behind your piece and hear more about how it came to life. Alternatively, if you’re designing from a distance, we can arrange a secure courier

5. Exclusive benefits

In addition to toasting your new piece, we would also be delighted to discuss specialized insurance options. Other benefits of designing jewellery with Pavéction include complimentary 6-monthly cleaning and maintenance, as well as invitations to our VIP events and first-look High Jewellery launches.