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The beginning of forever

One of a kind & inspired by your story

Showcase your love by unlocking your creativity

The ultimate symbol of love and commitment designed to reflect your unique journey together, and crafted to last a lifetime. 
Personalised engagement rings are the perfect way to celebrate romance in all its forms.

Forever starts now

Nothing says I love you like a ring made to represent the story of your relationship. Discover the steps to designing their dream engagement ring with Pavéction. 

1. Getting to know you:

Congratulations! We’re honoured you have chosen 
Pavéction and look forward to guiding you on your custom engagement ring journey. 
Our one-on-one process starts by asking you to complete a short questionnaire, so we can get to know your story, partner’s style and initial ideas. This will also help us to prepare some preliminary concepts for our first meeting. 


2. Committed to education:

Held digitally via Zoom or at our private Brisbane Atelier, this introductory appointment is an opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of diamonds. We aim to educate and inspire so you can make an informed decision on the piece of their dreams. Enjoy complimentary parking, a tour of our on-site workshop, and see your vision brought to life using 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software.

3. Trust and transparency:

Helping you choose gemstones of exceptional value is of the utmost importance to us. Alongside the standard GIA report, we provide – and explain – extra grading documentation to ensure your purchase is as educated as it is heartfelt. To understand your stone’s journey, our Feature Diamonds also harness AI technologies to make a 3D model of how they looked when they were very first unearthed.


4. Attention to detail:

The beauty of investing in a custom engagement ring is the freedom to incorporate elements that reflect you as a couple. From secret messages to emblems meaningful to you, we recommend thoughtful details that make all the difference. After final payment we add the finishing touches, offering the chance to see and even feel your piece with rendered images and wax models prior to its physical creation.


5. Quality and precision:

Once you have approved the design, a 4-week creation process begins. Our Master Craftsmen work direct from our on-site workshop, channelling years of expertise and a discerning eye for detail. Led by Robert Bellamy himself, who was a top student among jewellers at fine houses, your design undergoes the exciting transformation into a treasure of true heirloom quality. 


6. Unveiling your piece

The culmination of your custom engagement ring design process is our grand presentation. Taking place at our Atelier or via secure courier, you’ll receive a signature Pavéction box with not only bespoke care information to keep your creation looking its best, but a complimentary 6-monthly cleaning and maintenance gesture. We can also arrange specialized jewellery insurance for that extra piece of mind. 


7. Post proposal follow up


After your proposal we invite you and your new fiancé to Robert Bellamy’s workshop. This means your partner gets to experience the magic of our custom design process for themselves as we let them in on all the behind-the-scenes memories. We’ll also take the time to explain the intricacies of their bespoke Pavéction engagement ring, including our signature documentation and grading reports.


8. Welcoming you to the family

After your post proposal follow up, we say see you soon rather than goodbye. Along with our warranty servicing outlined above, you’ll also receive exclusive invitations to our VIP events. This includes our popular Christmas party and first look launches for our High Jewellery collection.


The Pavéction 5 C's

The cut of a diamond determines how its facets refract the light, in turn maximising its overall brilliance and beauty. A poorly cut diamond can appear dull to the naked eye, even if its colour and clarity are exceptional. This highlights the importance of skilled craftsmanship, as the optimum cut is achieved through meticulous precision, methodical symmetry and a pristine polish.

A diamond’s carat relates to its weight, rather than size. However, this weight alone does not determine its price. Instead, the value of a diamond is considered by the 4Cs in combination, so it’s worth keeping all of them in mind when searching for the perfect gemstone. 

White diamonds are graded for their colour on a globally recognised scale, with those with the least colour (D-F) considered the rarest. At Pavéction, our comprehensive reports go even further by identifying the additional elements that contribute to a diamond’s colour, such as fluorescence that can create a cloudy-like appearance. 

The clarity of a diamond is regarded by its purity and whether there are any minute flaws (also known as inclusions) present. Depending on their type and positioning, inclusions can impact how the light interacts with the diamond, in turn interfering with its brilliance and sparkle. For peace of mind, at Pavéction we use a microscope to identify the performance and structural integrity of our diamonds. 

Our experts have not only been sourcing diamonds collectively for decades but have also built strong industry relationships. This ensures that our diamonds are both conflict free and of the highest quality. Where available, we can provide our clients with the world's most advanced digital report, featuring AI-based information to reflect your diamond’s journey from mine to Atelier. We also welcome clients to tour our workshop and view our diamonds through our high powered (45X magnified) microscope, which is more truthful than viewing a diamond through a loupe (10X/20X magnified).

Your search stops here

Even if you have no specific ideas, we’ll talk you through what makes a stone exceptional, and where to seek inspiration. 


I came to Rob hoping for some advice to select the right pink diamonds to invest in. He blew me away with his knowledge and expertise, helping me find a perfectly matched pair. What stood though was his honesty and passion for jewellery making. His eye for detail is superb, a must for the intricate art of pave, the fishtail patterning that is the cornerstone of Pavéction. He loves his craft, and it shows in the piece he created for us, including our design choices along the way. The ring never leaves my wife’s finger and is as much the raw materials he shaped as it is his expert touch. Both are the best Australia has to offer and I commend him to you.


M & E, Sydney