RB High Jewellery

A celebration of the finest craftsmanship

Pavéction high jewellery is a stunning collision of dedication to design and the sourcing of the world’s most exceptional gemstones.  

An expression of extraordinary by Robert Bellamy

Every piece of Pavéction high jewellery starts its story in the limitless imagination of Master Craftsman, Robert Bellamy. Having spent almost two decades honing his craft, he couples his boundless creativity with visionary techniques that transform the rarest of stones into remarkable treasures. 

The R.B Process

Discover the attentive, collaborative and unforgettable journey of designing a high jewellery piece. 

1. An idea is born

Inspired by the world around him, Robert Bellamy has an eye for inherent beauty and a curiosity for unexpected stone combinations. These artistic traits, coupled with his unwavering patience and inventive spirit, result in captivating creations that spark an emotional connection with the wearer.

2. Sourcing the stone

Robert’s unparalleled expertise in gemstone composition and value makes finding the beating heart of his high jewellery pieces a quest of unrelenting passion. Drawing upon trusted and personal relationships with suppliers, he seeks and will not settle for any less than the epitome of luxury.

3. Layout and Setting

Given their complexity, the process of making a high jewellery piece can span over a year. Harnessing expert manual skills and an eye for geometric harmony, it comes together little by little; an enchanting puzzle paying tribute to art in its purest form.

4. Private Viewing

Purchasing a high jewellery piece is a significant life moment and should be celebrated as such. We welcome clients to meet Robert Bellamy for a private viewing, where he will be delighted to talk through his inspiration and the intricacies of the design process. Of course a toast is in order, too!

5. Aftercare

Along with bespoke care information, we offer complimentary 6-monthly cleaning and maintenance to keep your creation looking its finest. For that extra peace of mind, we are also happy to arrange specialized jewellery insurance.

The signature Pavéction sparkle

A one of a kind world of enchanting pieces awaits…