The Pavection Story

Pavection is a Brisbane-based jewellery business, renowned for the creation of extraordinary bespoke pieces, and for dedication to the art of fine jewellery craftsmanship.


Robert Bellamy | Director & Master Craftsman

Robert’s creative journey started in his hometown of Brisbane, Australia. Having participated innumerous jewellery courses, and hands-on workshops, it became clear to him that he aspired to become a jeweller. In 2006, Robert commenced his jewellery apprenticeship with Brisbane-based jewellers Wallace Bishop & Hardy Brothers, where he excelled throughout his training.

With an eye for precision, and an unwavering desire to excel, Robert developed the ambition to not only master the precious metal fabrication aspect of jewellery, but to control all of the multiple aspects.

So in 2012, he travelled to Europe, the home of fine jewellery, and thrived in the highly specialised world of European micro-pavé diamond setting. For several years , Robert travelled between Australia and Europe, to train intensively in The Netherlands, in European micro-pavé diamond setting, under the scrutiny of his mentor, master diamond setter, Jura.

Jura, regarded to be one of the world’s foremost diamond setters, was an inspiring mentor for the young jeweller, and he encouraged Robert in his unwavering drive for precision. Robert’s ambition to develop his own jewellery atelier in Brisbane became a reality when Pavection™ opened in 2014 .

Pavéction™ (pronounced pah-vek-shn) symbolises Robert’s unique journey through to perfection, paying homage not only to his mentor, but also the French word Pavé (pronounced pa-vey), meaning a pavement, or specialised form of diamond setting that resembles interlocking diamond pavements.

“Training in Europe was an exhilarating journey which paved the way to my future career and my establishment of, Pavection™”
- Robert Bellamy -


A Seamless Experience

Designing and creating a bespoke piece of jewellery is a very personal experience that deserves to be cherished forever. Our impeccable service, and attention to the smallest of details, makes our client’s journey, from the initial consultation to the final creation, a remarkable and enjoyable experience, complimenting the level of craftsmanship that goes into every piece at Pavection™.

"To choose Pavection, is to choose to participate in, and guide, the creation of your own unique piece of extraordinary jewellery."


Dedicated to the Art of Fine Jewellery Craftsmanship 

Synonymous with outstanding craftsmanship, expert hands sculpt our client’s special moments into pieces to capture their most memorable and precious moments.

Using ancient hand fabrication skills, combined with state-of-the-art Computer Assisted Design (CAD) technology, our master craftsmen sculpt our clients dreams to perfection in our Brisbane studio.

Relentless dedication to perfection is at the core of Pavection. Whether our master craftsmen are sculpting a large solitaire engagement ring, or setting the finest diamond set micro band, our extraordinary craftsmanship remains unsurpassed.



We proudly work to create the extraordinary for each individual client. This is reflected in our comprehensive and meticulous attention to the design and creation of each unique piece, based on our extensive consultation with our client.


Our Diamond Difference

With sustainability and ethical sourcing at the heart of our values, clients experience an unrivalled connection with their diamond, knowing its unique journey, from the mine at which it was first unearthed, through to why it was meticulously selected it as a diamond of distinction, to be the foundation of a bespoke piece.

Our direct relationship with the world’s finest diamond siteholders and cutting houses provides the truly unique story behind each individual diamond at Pavection. Dive deep beyond traditional diamond grading into our world, encompassing education surrounding additional in-depth diamond grading reports, to AI diamond grading technology, and sometimes even 3D-resin printed replicas of the actual diamond crystal that was first unearthed, and from which your diamond was cut.

Creating a symbol of your love, or special moment, should be a deeply personal experience. By listening to what is important to our clients, we are in the position to offer this unique journey in the creation of your heirloom. You will be able to choose your diamonds with Confidence | The Fifth C to diamond grading.

"To own a Pavection diamond set creation, is the culmination of a wonderful journey to your unique and personalised piece of the extraordinary."


Ethically Sourced Materials

All bespoke Pavection pieces are Australian made by the master craftsmen in our Brisbane CBD studio. We support the local Australian economy, and uphold high ethical standards consistent with the Responsible Jewellery Councils Code of Practice. Our precious metal product is sourced from one of the most responsible and transparent supply chains in the world.

We are passionate about providing “conflict free” diamonds to our clients, in our commitment to protect human rights and the environment.

All diamonds at Pavection are proudly procured though our strong and direct relationship with diamond cutting houses and siteholders all of which have been vetted for responsible mining practices in accordance with the Kimberley Process.


Supporting The Community

We have recently partnered with the charity ‘Chances’ to raise awareness of the under- privileged children in our community, providing them with the much needed support, and financial funding required for their potential brilliant futures to become reality.

Irresistible jewellery creations

Exquisite jewels and breathtaking designs represent the DNA of Pavéction and the foundation of our reputation.

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